Runaway June began as three friends who enjoyed songwriting, red wine, pizza and ABC’s The Bachelor. Now with a hit on the radio and a summer full of tour dates, the country trio realize the sisterhood they developed early on is their greatest asset.

“We were all kind of doing our own things, and I think when we all came together we kind of realized that each one of us had something that the other may have been lacking,” Hannah Mulholland says. “I think that was really clear from the beginning.”

The benefits are personal and professional. Being a trio makes the grind of a radio tour a little more palpable. No matter what city you’re in, there’s always a constant sitting or standing nearby. That doesn’t stop once each returns to Nashville. The "Lipstick" singers spend Monday nights together watching reality television or sharing the latest gossip. HGTV is a favorite. There are about 10 movies they can recite line for line, and they have their own secret language.

“We're all in relationships and we're all really happy, but keeping your relationship alive is really hard when you’re not home, so there can be lows on the road between you and your partner,” Naomi Cooke shares. “So there's a lot of times where you have that support too. Being out on the road, you can get very lonely. So, it's really nice to have your two sisters there that can just pick you up.”

“This isn't really a story but it's funny,” Jennifer Wayne says. “When we get on the airplane, we all three sit together. So one of us is always in the middle, you'd think we'd want to spread out and sit somewhere else and get alone for a while.”

“The plane is empty! You guys can spread out, we're fine!” Mulholland says as the trio start laughing.

“We're still sitting together,” Wayne says. “Same thing with our alone rooms, we'll always switch. Every three nights we'll have our own alone room. Sometimes when we have our alone room, we're like, but we don't want to be alone!”

“Back at FOMO. I know you two are drinking wine! I'm going over there,” Cooke chimes in.

“We're watching some HGTV and you’re not invited,” Mulholland says as all three lose it.

The last year has included opening shows for Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks, both of whom they think are the nicest guys in the music industry. 2017 will bring more nights on the road and a debut album. They're focused on the now while still planning for the future.

"I think we all kind of have our own dreams for that," Cooke says when asked where the trio would like to be in five years, "but I would love to earn a Grammy within the next five years. Hopefully have a second album that's doing well, and world tours."

Runaway June On Set at the 2017 RISERS Shoot